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The square stern Mallard is short enough to fit into the bed of a truck (12’4”), but spacious enough to hold two sportsman and gear (39” beam).  It can be run with either a small electric or gas motor (2.5hp max) or paddled like a traditional double ended canoe. Now you can travel farther back from the launch to access more secret hunting and fishing spots that most boats can not reach or just enjoy a quiet day on the water with friends and pets. Made of T-Formax material the Mallard is lightweight and easily cartopped (59 pounds) and durable enough for many years on the water.

Mallard 12' Square Stern

Color: Olive
    • Length : 12’4”
    • Width : 39,75’’
    • Depth : 13’’
    • Weight : 59 lbs
    • Color : Olive
    • Style : Sporting/Square Stern Hull
    • Material : T Formex
    • Seats : Webbed
    • Gunwale : Vinyl
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